Rainy Day Fun- Help the Kids Make a Board Game!

Justin’s latest brainstorm (inspired by Amazing World of Gumball … but his variation)was to create an original board game, and he roped me in as his assistant.  Definitely his brain child – as you will soon see.  But it has been one of the silliest, most laugh-inducing think we have done within our four walls in a while and I know some of you would have a blast doing it with your kids!  (Josh has a middle school version in mind now with political intrigue)


With winter bringing many cold and rainy days that might keep you indoors, I think this is perfect for family.  It brought together creativity to design the board and cards, hands on work to construct the game, and organization to plan out how you move around the board, the order of play, how you win or lose, etc.

Justin’s Version of the Game: its a super basic move-around-the-board game, where you play until last person standing and wins.  Do land on spaces that have you do silly actions, and try to avoid the Dodge Bombs to stay in the game.  The highlight is the cards … scatter Dodge or Dare spaces you pick a card (think Community Chest and Chance cards … but wacky) and follow the instructions.  That’s where the fun is!   Took less than an hour to make and we are on our fourth family game this week – he LOVES it!!

It’s a really  basic board game … a sheet of cardstock for the board, anything like a marker to mark off the squares, and some cards (3 x 5, cardstock, anything really) for the cards, and any game piece you can find around the house.  This cost absolutely nothing to make!    Here are the steps:

A little step by step …  (most of the steps are in the little video)

  • Border: help your kids measure the border where the pieces will move.
  •  Spaces:  Divide the border into the game spaces that you will move across.  Kids can easily do this … just let go of your desire for perfect square spaces (trust me!)


  • Mark your Special Spaces – let the kids decide which spaces will be Dodge and Dare ones … we have a few too many … maybe every third or fourth space??


  • Cut out your game cards – we picked two colors.  One for the ‘good’ cards that help you advance, one of the ‘bad’ cards that give you a dare and send you back.  (think Community Chest vs Chance in Monopoly … same idea.)


  • FUN PART!!  The DARE cards are action cards … when you land on the player has to act out the dare.  We  have some NUTTY ones like pretend to make a burrito, slay a dragon or run from a dog chasing you in a bacon suit!!!  And they send you backward on the board.  The DODGE card are also silly, but basically tell you something good happened, and advance you ahead.
He wrote some of the cards, I was his scribe for others.
The finished batch of Dare cards
One of the silliest cards!!
  • Corners – one corner is Start, the other three are Dodge Bomb.  Land there three times and you are OUT.
  • Decorate your board any way you like … name the game … Dodge or Dare was from Justin (derived from something on  Nick.)
  • Game pieces – we just borrowed some from another game.
  • Then, just Play … Laugh … Repeat.

Happy board gaming!!

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