On Tying Knots …

Today was one of those days … where I was a little too impatient,  and little bit frustrated, where I didn’t show up with as much grace as I would like.   Nothing dramatic, but left the day feeling sort of frayed.  And with life moving so fast – whether family life, work life or other commitments – it’s easy for any of us to feel frayed.  Like we are getting to the end of our proverbial rope.


But remember, that’s what knots are made for … so that we can hang on.  It’s the end of the day, and we can release all of what did not work.  I try to do this every day so that I don’t carry what didn’t work into the next day and can approach the day fresh.  So at the end of this day I am grateful for new beginnings … each and every day.

I hope your ropes are not frayed.  But if they are, try a knot.  The morning will bring a new day.  Make it a great one!


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