Jump! Bounce! Laugh!!

The boys and I had a blast at our first visit to new Cloud9 Trampoline Park.  We hopped, jumped, climbed, ran, laughed, and had a fantastic time together!   It was a blast and we will definitely be back.  I think I even see a teambuilding event in our future.  If you are near Cloud9 in Hampton Roads, highly recommend it for a lively and fun time!  And if you take the family and if you are physically able, get in there and  jump with your kids!   We took a few pics, but then put away the camera and all played together – that’s what was best about it!

There are so many ways that we can spend our time … or that it can be consumed if we aren’t mindful and deliberate.  But I can tell you for absolute certain that in our family when we make time to share experiences – that’s what we love most and what we remember.  Whether its a vacation, a picnic in the backyard, time at the beach, going for bike rides, playing board games – or now jumping – that time connects us like little else.  No amount of hours under the same roof staring at separate screens will compare to the memories we all create together.

Wishing you a fun weekend with family and friends!






Here’s Cloud9 Trampoline Park website


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