A Little Inspiration …

I was so grateful to get some time to connect with Natalie, our oldest daughter, last weekend.    Winter break was over and I was taking her back to school for the next semester.  Thanks to hubby taking care of the boys, we were able to squeeze in a girls day in DC before drop off.  Gorgeous hotel, world class service, some delicious Greek food (one of our favorites!) and some great creative inspiration at the National Gallery.  Most importantly, some time to catch up, share new music, and reconnect.  Short and sweet – but a great trip!

photo (6)
I always feel reasonably tall til i stand next to Natalie!

photo (10)

We meandered through a couple of the sections in the National Gallery with the audio tour (I love the extra insights and context they give me.)  It was nice to go slowly, not worry about trying to see it all, and just appreciate and enjoy what was in front of us.  I’ve been feeling creative lately and the inspiration was awesome!

I adore sculpture and am always amazed by the talent to shape materials.  So we wandered over to the sculpture garden and were alternately inspired, amused and a little disturbed by the work – as it should be, I think.

  • inspired – the metallic tree set against the blue sky with puffy clouds was striking and captivating; hard to take my eyes off of it

photo (2)

photo (5)

  • disturbed – the ‘thinker bunny’ and giant spider sculpture were odd… and Natalie thought there were creepy


  • reflection – this Toulouse-Lautrec piece on alienation could be straight out of any restaurant today … just but cell phones and texting into their hands … same alienation and no CONNECTION

photo (11)

  • in awe – the Dying Gaull sculpture was just incredible

photo (9)

  • and lots of other great pieces, too


photo (7)

photo (1)

Great getaway with a terrific girl!  And she is safely deposited for her second semester.  Miss her already …


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