I can take a hint … All roads converging

So today is the start of week 3 in the Brene Brown course I’m taking with a couple friends. It’s been a great catalyst to reflect on things like being vulnerable enough to really connect, working to show up authentically each day, and more. And for week 3 … Letting go of perfectionism. No, more than letting go. Embracing our imperfection. Let’s just say I have lots of life material to draw from … 🙂

But what blew me away this morning is how our minister’s message at church today hit on the EXACT same themes. Slightly different words, but right on the bullseye. Guess I had better stay the course. Every year at this time our minister does a relationship series, and it’s on point and impactful every time.

Ever had those times when every way you turn things are pointing you in the same direction? Yeah … That’s me lately. The service today included a performance of Let It Go from the movie Frozen … The lyrics go right to the heart of both the Brene Brown themes and this series at church – that we have to do important personal work to have rich and healthy relationships. And that’s what really matters. So we need to get to it.

don’t let them in, don’t let them see
Be the good girl
You always had to be
Conceal dont feel
Don’t let them know
Well now they now …

And they all came back to the same themes – a wholehearted journey to change in ways that will create relationships that can thrive … To allow ourselves to talk, to trust, and to feel our way through those parts of ourselves they we need to change to live in a wholehearted way.

(1) to be courageous enough to own who we are – the good, the bad and the ugly. What you are happy with and what you are working to change.

(2) to be authentic enough to let go of appearances and show up as your true self every day.

(3) to be willing to trust and connect at a personal level with a special few in our lives.

Glad to be following the signs that are all pointing me in this direction.



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