Mom! Is your conference call done YET??


Plenty of snow blanketed Virginia Beach this week. We woke up to a winter wonderland, and even a frozen lake this morning … and for 2 days I have attempted to work from home because there was NO WAY that I was getting out of my neighborhood without skidding all over the place.

I rarely work at home.  Why?  Because I am a master compartmentalizer (just created a new word, right?) … I try to keep the boundaries between work and family pretty clear.  Keeps me sane.  But the snow broke that down whether I liked it or not.  And while I would have loved to just take the day off, it just wasn’t in the cards.

At one point in my morning I told Justin I had a 30 minute conference call and then I would do something for him.  45 minutes later as the call went on he paraded in front of me like Vanna White holding a sign that said ‘I Thought It Was Only 30 Minutes?  When Will You Be Done??’   He was only HALF kidding 🙂

Hate when that happens.  I like to try to be present with him when I’m home … and he was pretty good about understanding that though I’m home, and not dressed for work, I am actually attempting to work.  But he would have preferred a snow buddy.

Ahh … life … and schools are closed again tomorrow.  But I think I will have to  inch my way out of the neighborhood.  I hear the roads beyond are doing alright, once you get there.  Wish me luck!


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