Scones … and Hitting the Reset Button

This past week was chock full of personal and professional challenges and adventures that, frankly, left me drained by Friday night.  That rarely happens to me … my energy doesn’t usually run out … but I sure ran out of gas last night.   In the rarest of things,  Bryce was actually up for going out and i wasn’t up for it (this NEVER happens!)  So you see that this was serious …

Well, thankfully, this morning I bounced out of bed ready for the day and came down to make some breakfast.  Cinnamon Raisin Scones sounded tasty … so that was the plan.   But what I have found so interesting is that what followed was really relaxing and almost therapeutic. 

Everyone was still upstairs resting, all was quiet, and there was no rush.  So I was able to leisurely putter around, gathering ingredients … flour, cinnamon, baking powder, butter, cream.   Measured dry ingredients gradually, deliberately.  I cut in the butter, mixed in the cream … entirely focused on the task at hand … no multi-tasking, no juggling email or phone calls.   I loved the process of baking those scones this morning as much as we enjoyed eating them.  Why was that?  




And as the scones were baking and the aroma of cinnamon drew the kids downstairs, I realized that it was the fact of being present, of being focused that was so grounding.  All week I had been harried – either trying to work from home with the kids home from school, or balancing important business work with a small array of personal things that cropped up on Friday.  That’s what was so tiring.  It had left me feeling especially scattered, and I was glad to get back to center.   Too bad I didn’ catch myself sooner to reset during the week.  But its a great reminder for all of us to be mindful of letting ourselves get too scattered.  So glad to come back to norm.

And the scones were delicious!


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