Lovely and ordinary moments …

The topic of this week’s course on wholehearted living with Brene Brown is gratitude and joy, and how they relate to one another.  I typically feel like I live this every day, but realize that it had gotten away from me recently.  You know those windows of time when you get too busy or distracted with the past or the future to remember the beauty and awesomeness of what’s right in front of you?  Yeah … that was me lately.  A bit of a funk.
Today I noticed these daffodils that bloomed out in the yard, just a week after the ground was covered in snow and ice.   And much like these cheerful flowers, I feel like my attitude and disposition have also been renewed … positive, encouraged and excited about the season ahead.


I am THRILLED to feel that it has passed, and my appreciation and awareness of all the wonderful things in my life is back in full force.  My desire to pause and notice, to capture the moments, and to appreciate them makes my days so much better.  Because its easy to take the ordinary blessings for granted.  So on a rough day, the practice of gratitude can challenge us to find the good and the important and the beautiful and the inspiring in the rest of our day.   Keeps things in perspective.

So today I tried to notice the simple moments.  I always love weekend mornings because of their pace … easing into the day, baking something tasty, sharing a leisurely breakfast with the family, lingering over the Sunday NY Times, parents-choice mornings (that means TV off … parents choice of music …)


Nothing extraordinary or dramatic.  Just normal, ordinary (but lovely) time with loved ones.  The kind of time that we wish we could get back to when life hits a rough spot and our days are disrupted.  Then, what we wouldn’t give for those lovely but overlooked moments of our lives.

So I hope that you are enjoying a wonderful Sunday, and that you will take a moment to look around and notice (or snap a pic, or write in your journal) a few small but beautiful things about your day.


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