… on play and productivity

Something I read this week reminded me about the importance of play in our lives – as adults.  More on that in second.  But today, I had a wonderful time with a great big dose of fun on a mom-son play date with Justin. 🙂   While Josh was at the Harlem Globetrotters with a friend, we headed out for the afternoon together.    SO.  MUCH.  FUN.  And he was grinning from ear to ear on the way home, talking about what a great day it was and how glad he was that HE planned it 🙂

So the question … is there enough play in your life?  What an interesting question, right? For a long time,  I would have have thought to even ask that question – so focused on getting work done, getting chores around the house done, etc.   I am pretty hard wired for action, so productivity was king since there were always lists of things to do.  But I am incredibly grateful that some years ago I started to make a more deliberate effort to unwind, to laugh more, to play.  Now … when I am mindful of it … I try more often to channel it into fun adventures with family and friends.  And when there’s too little fun and laughter … frankly, I get a little grumpy.  Bryce can attest to that.


This week I was reading a chapter from Gifts of Imperfection about play and it was right on point.

“In today’s culture – where our self worth is tied to our net worth, and we base or worthiness on our level of productivity – spending time doing purposeless activity is rare.  In fact, for many of us it sounds like an anxiety attack waiting to happen. ” “… the opposite of play is not work … the opposite of play is depression.?” “… many of us still believe that exhaustion is a status symbol of hard work and that even sleep is a luxury.?”  – Brene Brown

I know how easy it is to identify with busyness, to almost elevate our busy schedules.   How often does someone ask how you are doing and your immediate first response is …”really busy.”  I find myself trying hard daily to break that habit.  We all have work, lives, families, commitments.  And our days will fill up in one way or another … no one will schedule us for time to unwind and play … if balance and creativity and fun are going to be important in our lives we will have to carve out time for it.  So interesting to ask yourself whether there’s enough play in your life … and if not, what small change can you make to put a little more laughter, fun and play into this coming week? Hope its a FUN week!



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