So maybe I’m a little nervous …

So maybe I’m just a LITTLE nervous about trying out the corn maze this weekend.  That’s normal … right???

Clouds and corn

I mean, seriously, I grew up in Los Angeles.  What’s a corn maze?!  But after 20 years+ in Virginia, somehow I have ducked them until now.  Last year venturing into the corn maze was on Justin’s wish list and we missed it.  This is CORN MAZE WEEKEND.  No backing out.  Inviting friends for company (and comfort.)

My father-in-law would be the first to tease me about being a ‘scaredy cat.’  Some old memory of driving with me, turning down an old farm road with high corn and me freaking out.  Hahaha!  Well … someone COULD have come through the corn!!

Needless to say, I do not watch horror movies.  Or even remotely scary movies for the most part.

But what if we get lost?  The thing is shaped like a tractor over at Bergey’s Farm in Virginia Beach.  Look at all those dead ends …


Our teenage son Josh said we should go at night – yeah … NO WAY!   I’m sure it will be just fine (fun even) and I will live to post another day.  But for this evening I will just be a little tentative.  Wish me luck!


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