The small things we take for granted …

One of the many things affected by autism is social interactions.  The easy and natural ways that people engage in discussions, or share a joke, or just casually converse are much less natural.  Discussions with people outside of the family can be awkward, direct and typically short.  (Unless he’s telling them a story …)

Well this year Justin has develop a close friendship with his buddy Jacob.  And I have loved watching their friendship grow and seeing them interact so very much.  Makes my heart smile!


They share a love of movies and can trade facts on movie history and trivia like the best of them – release dates, producers, casts, production facts, you name it.   Their personalities are not the same – my guy a little quieter and more shy outside the family, his buddy more talkative and expressive.  But when they are together I just love to watch the chemistry – Justin is drawn out a little more, laughs a little louder, is more talkative, and seems so at ease.  Nothing awkward about it at all.  Typical and taken for granted for many, HUGE for families with kids on the autism spectrum.

So this week was Justin’s birthday, and his buddy called to wish him a Happy Birthday.  I expected a 30-second call that would go something like “Hi.  Happy Birthday.  Thanks.  Bye.”   Not at all …

But much to my surprise, what happened was completely different.  They talked … and talked … and talked.  We had to end the discussion to head out to his birthday dinner – reluctantly.  Lovely conversation – about Halloween costumes, carving jack-o’lanterns, and upcoming movies to see.   I could hear encouragement “that sounds really fun!’ and connection “we need to see that movie together!” and laughter.

I can’t even say just how much I smiled listening one side of the discussion.  Phone calls with friends … one of the small things we can take for granted …



2 thoughts on “The small things we take for granted …”

  1. I love that for Justin and Jacob!! So precious. They are both such sweet boys, too. Thanks for sharing Suzette. Miss you!

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