Your practice begins when you leave your mat …

“You have invested the time to come to your yoga practice and step onto your mat today.  Now honor that time enough to be present wholeheartedly.”

Heard that tonight at a wonderful hot yoga class.  But it applies to so much more than yoga.

In more direct terms – if you are going to bother to show up, give it your all

all of your attention

all of your focus

all of your energy

all of your ability!

I love that!

At yoga practice, that takes the form of focusing on my breath, on the postures.  Letting go of thoughts that might float into my head.




With the kids, it might mean stepping away from distractions (especially screens) to be sure they have my full focus when they want to speak to me or ask a question.

At work, it might mean to reject ineffective multi-tasking to be present and engaged in necessary discussions and meetings.

By being intentional and deliberate, the time and energy we invest can yield so much more than otherwise.   Could be the difference between living and thriving!

Class closed tonight reminding us that our practice begins when we leave our mat.   So here’s to a week of practicing intentionality and showing up wholeheartedly in the things we commit our time to this week.


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