Strength Through the Journey

This morning’s Advent reading was perfect and so timely.  The passage reflected on the need to seek strength and stamina through journeys and challenging times, but keep faith that there is joy and growth coming.   The passage used the  journey to Bethlehem to illustrate a difficulty journey that led to joy and new experience.



Sometimes we are the ones going through the challenge that requires that extra stamina or mental and emotional strength, sometimes its our role to help support others through these times.  There’s a season for both.

For some this holiday season is a time of great joy.  I feel blessed and grateful that this is the case for our family this year.  But for some this time is difficult, stressful or depressing.  Whether due to financial issues, relationships challenges, living through the absence of a loved one during the holidays,or other emotional or spiritual issues – it can be a tough time for some.

So beyond being grateful for our blessings, we could all have a more direct and positive impact if we take a small step to touch the life of someone going through a rough patch this season.  It can be hard to seek help and support when we are going through a difficult season.  So even a small act of support, friendship and kindness can make such a big difference in people’s lives.

daily gratitude for jan 2
daily gratitude for jan 2

Here are 5 ways to reach out and help make someone’s holidays a little brighter.

  1. Invite someone to join you for a holiday meal, or coffee or tea if something more intimate would be more appealing to them


2.  Share an uplifting and inspiring book or piece of music that has helped you through difficult times


3.  Take their kids for the day to give them some downtime, and have some holiday fun with the kiddies

ice skating

4.  To share an experience – go for a walk together, take them to a movie, ice skating, out to see holiday lights, relax and laugh no matter the setting




5.  Give – freely, lovingly and with no expectation of gifts in return



Very best wishes for a wonderful holiday season from our family to yours!


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