Remembering my Grandfather …

Had a  fun time reminiscing about my grandfather this evening.  Such a funny collection of memories!!

  • Sitting on his recliner with him telling stories.  Watched the old video of the Grasshopper and the Ants with my in laws – its from the 30s.  One of my all time faves 🙂   My grandfather was big on work ethic and apparently it stuck with me!


  • Chocolate-covered cherries.  During the holidays there was always a box of these candies, and if I was very good he would carefully open the box and hand me one.  cherries


  • Watching Lawrence Welk – chuckling at my memories of waltzing around the living room with my grandfather, the bubble machine, watching Charo


and watching (and trying to dance alongside) Arthur Duncan during his tap dancing routines.

  • Swiss Cheese.  My grandfather loved swiss cheese, and he especially loved putting it on my sandwiches.  Now back in the 70s we would not have thought of declaring that we didn’t like swiss cheese … in fact, how funny is this … I would say I was going to sit outside and BURY THE SWISS CHEESE IN THE YARD!  LOL

He was a man of strong beliefs and opinions, an incredible work ethic.  RIP


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