Maker Saturday: Blacksmithing

Today we tried our hand at blacksmithing for the second time – this time the teen/adult class at 757 Makerspace!   Great learning and really interesting too.   There’s something so rewarding about working with your hands to mold, shape and craft something.

My son Josh and nephew Santiago tried their hand at it today.  Our tools included: a bellows to add oxygen to the fire and increase its heat, hammers, tongs, an anvil, a vise, and some beeswax.  Under the guidance of their resident blacksmith, Nathan, we heated, curved and twisted our metal rods – learning the basics of how to work with metal.






And after learning how to heat and shape metal in the forge, so many ideas kicking around of what blacksmithing project we might want to make once the classes are done.  So many possibilities!!

The boys ideas: knives, swords, tools

My ideas: jewelry, metal sculpture









Thanks to David Demmin for sharing this picture from the class.


And our classmates were such a fun and diverse group.   A few memorable and funny out-takes:

  • “Honey: I’m going to make a set of knives.  It’s a 3-year project!”
  • “What do you get when you mix s’mores and an iron forge?  S’MORGE!”
  • “I can bend metal with my bare hands!  (and about 2600 degrees of heat)”


  • “My metal twist is better than your metal twist!” (OK … so my competitive streak came out for a moment 🙂 )
  • “Those tools look like medieval torture devices!”


Looking forward to next week’s class, and choosing a project of our own to create.


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