Sulley Joins Our Family!

The kids have wanted a dog for a long (no really loooong) time – and this week their wish came true!  The campaign to get a dog was long and thorough.  Josh and Justin prepared chore charts, had everyone do personality quizzes where we were matched to different kinds of dogs, studied rescue sites for possible matches, and more.  And after this little labor of love, we met an amazing dog with a sweet and gentle spirit – Sulley.  He seems to be a mix between an Australian Shepherd and a Spitz … but hard to know for sure I guess.  In any case, he’s pretty darn handsome.

Adoption Day pic – finding a comfy space

A great friend of ours adopted her dog through a great local organization, K9 Justice League, and recommended them to us.    This dog rescue group was terrific and so easy to work with for the adoption – highly recommend them!  Check out their Facebook page – here’s the link:

K9 Justice League Facebook Page

Josh monitored their page for several weeks, and came  upon Sulley and knew that we should meet him.  We visited an adoption fair and met Sulley, and we all loved him immediately.  He was sweet and gentle, with the softest fur you can imagine.  He’s a little tentative, quick to startle.  But in just a couple days he is already settling in and coming out of his shell.  He is practically Joshua’s shadow and Justin loves talking him out for walks (even in the cold!)

Our little guy Justin, with Sulley and his terrific foster mom Sarah

It’s interesting to observe him, learn his queues, and try to ‘meet him where he’s at’ in terms of what he’s ready and willing to do and what he’s not.  Hope to get him signed up for obedience lessons soon, since left to our own devices not sure how well we would do with training.  So that should be good.  I think if you adopt a dog and survive a week of teen temps, permafrost across the lawn … and you all survive and still like each other … they every other season will feel easy by comparison 🙂

At least until he’s fully house trained, he’s sleeping in a crate at night in the bedrooms upstairs.  So we are getting over the ‘guilt’ of having him in a crate … feels a little like putting him in a cage.  But we have been coached to press through and so long as the crate is never punishment and just his little ‘cave’ that there’s no need to feel guilty.  (still working on that!)    And so long as his crate is in the bedroom with someone, he is pretty OK with it.

He is definitely warm with both boys – sort of clingy with Josh lately, but friendly with them both.  And other than a couple nose-to-nose stare downs, he and our cat Butterscotch are co-existing nicely without any dust ups 🙂


If only we could skip over the house-training part (feels like potty training the kids all over again and can’t wait til that is done!)  Will be happy to be past the ‘accident’ stage.  He’s coming along …


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