Making Robots! Int’l NodeBots Day at 757 Makerspace

It was another terrific Maker Saturday at 757 Makerspace!  For the second year in a row they celebrated International NoteBots Day by opening up the site for free to the public to tinker with building, driving and battling bots.  I just can’t say enough good things about the wonderful camaraderie and the culture of coaching and assisting that ran through the event.

There were plenty of Sumobot kits, decorations to give our bots some personality, and plenty of laptops to test out our creations.  Justin loved playing with the copter bots that run on JavaScript, and was learning then teaching some younger kids how to organize he commands to guide the copters.  We had built bots at Makerspace once before, but this was our first time battling bots.  Hilarious!  Once our bot was done Josh decided to ‘enhance’ it with some bumpers – colorful ones made of neon pipe cleaners!  It was great … until they fell off just as the bot was placed into the ring to begin.  We laughed SO hard!

Everyone was laughing, cheering, just having a great time.  Thanks to 757 Makerspace and their sponsors – Grow, Emerging Technology Advisors, 80/20 Consulting, Balderdash,, Designology – for organizing the event and making it free to the public so that more could participate and also check out the great community at our local makerspace.

Here are a few pics from the first half of the day that we attended.  Our family is a member of Makerspace – to check out some of the other great programs, check out a few other blog posts here: Recent Blog Posts at 757 Makerspace.  Highly recommend you check them out and visit.  Its a great community to learn, tinker and have fun with family!


4 thoughts on “Making Robots! Int’l NodeBots Day at 757 Makerspace

    1. That’s terrific, Sandy! We have built sumobots a couple of time and really had a great time. Between the construction and the electrical wiring there was so much to be learned, and then decorating them and competing made it especially fun! I know we will be doing it again. The bot ‘battles’ were great, too. Thanks for visiting the page!

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