Unexpected Call From School …

So its Friday evening at the end of a long day at work, and I have settled down on the couch to relax.  The phone rings.  It’s Justin’s new science & homeroom teacher on the line.  [Inner dialogue: First week of school, sometimes a tough subject for him, inclusion class – uh oh – is there a problem???]

But what followed was the most lovely and heart-warming chat!

She called just to let me know how thrilled she was to have him in her class, and talked at length about how he had settled in with his table mates, was helping out another child that sits near him.  She said he was friendly, polite and (encouraging but also surprising!) that he’s speaking up already in class and asking for help if he doesn’t understand something.  She was encouraging and supportive, and said she felt confident that he would do well this year because he seems so focused on learning.

A few minutes after the call I asked Justin to come over and sit with me.  Then I shared with him some of the kind things his teacher had to say.  “Wow!” he said.  “That’s awesome.”  Then he beamed (sort of like in the pic below … but with less hair now) 🙂

What a LOVELY way to kick off the weekend!  I am so very grateful for the teachers who spend part of their Friday evening calling their students families and doing other things to help their students learn.

p.s.  For those new to the blog, Justin has high-functioning autism and is in an inclusion class (blended mainstream and special needs kids.)  So while this is not dramatic, its the small victories that make our days and this was a great one.  Here’s a post with a little more background – link



2 thoughts on “Unexpected Call From School …

  1. I didn’t know you also have an autistic son. I have 2 so i understand how much that call meant to you. The first week of school is real nerve-racking for us on an whole different level.

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