How Motherhood Changed Me …

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We were staying at the Sofitel right a couple blocks from the White House, and I wandered around with my camera while the family rested.  One of my favorite images was the dramatic gold of this victory statue against the deep blue sky and white clouds.  Beautiful!


Victory statue, part of the First Division Monument in front of the White House.  President’s Park, Washington DC

Wonder! Stunning Exhibit at Renwick

We were in DC a couple of weeks ago to celebrate our oldest daughter’s 21st birthday.  I was excited to fit in a visit to the Renwick Gallery to see their exhibit – Wonder!   I love that  the exhibits were large and immersive – experiences that you could take in with all of your senses.  In the exhibit they basically turned over the museum space to nine contemporary artists, who filled the space with large, immersive and stunning exhibits.    The boys and I had a great time exploring the museum.  Highly recommend!

Check out this link to take a virtual tour of the exhibit.  It’s absolutely worth a visit the next time you are in the DC area.

Wonder! at the Renwick Gallery     The building itself is gorgeous!


A few of our favorite images from the exhibit.

from the Patrick Dougherty exhibit


from the Gabriel Dawe exhibit



from the Tara Donovan exhibit



from the John Grade exhibit



from the Janet Echelman exhibit


from the Jennifer Angus exhibit



from the Chakaia Booker exhibit


from the Maya Lin exhibit




Gorgeous Sand Sculptures

Sand sculptors from around the world are competing in the Neptune Intl Sand Sculpting Championship.  They are creative, complex and amazing in any medium, but this is SAND.  Heck, I can’t even get a basic tower out of a sand bucket intact so these are fantastic accomplishments.

Josh and I headed down to the oceanfront yesterday afternoon to check them out.  The weather isn’t great this weekend so hope plenty make it down in spite of the weather.  All is safe and dry under the tents.

Here are a few of our favorites.

Photography Escape to Cape Hatteras

This year life got in the way of a planned girls weekend getaway, but we were determined to find even a day to get away, laugh a lot, reconnect and enjoy nature.  So my dear friend Suzi and I got our awesome hubbies to hold down the family forts so that we could escape to the North Carolina coast for a little photography getaway

We had a great visit at Cape Hatteras Bed & Breakfast in Buxton, and terrific meals – including a terrific dinner and the most amazing original craft cocktail mixed up at Cafe Pamlico (delicious blend of grapefruit, blood oranges and rum – so good!   But back to the photographs!









MLK – On Choosing Love over Hate

Reflecting on Martin Luther King Jr.’s quote during this time when the world seems so filled with hatred, intolerance and danger.


I have decided to stick with love.

Hate is just too great

a burden to bear.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

mlkday_FotorPhoto from a gorgeous little rock garden at my son’s former elementary school, New Castle Elementary School in Virginia Beach.

Beacon of Light

Kicked off my LifeBook 2015 course this weekend.  Got Natalie and Josh to tinker around with the paints too – that was lots of fun!  Here’s my first attempt – Beacon of Light.   Lots to learn but it was fun – and she’s a cutie !



Great class – check it out at:

LifeBook 2015 – Willowing Website


Pathways: Don’t Let The Grass Grow …

I started a weekly journaling project and the first week’s prompt was Pathways.  Aside from any journaling I would like to try to pair a photo with each week’s prompt.    This one made me smile and seemed to fit (in a silly sort of way) 🙂

pathways 2


This past fall we visited a pumpkin patch and this shoe planter was alongside a little shed.  Peculiar and adorable and fun!

Don’t Let The Grass Grow Under Your Feet!  Find Your Path and Get Moving.